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"If I Could Ask Jesus" Poster

Poem by Donna Wyland
Illustrated by Lynne Davis

This beautifully illustrated poster is a colorful and unique addition to any child's bedroom or playroom. It's also perfect for Sunday School rooms - anywhere a child and their parent or caregiver spends precious time. Written from the perspective of a child, this poem sweetly describes questions that a child might ask Jesus about angels and heaven.

Product Diminstions:
Size: 18 x 24 inches

The poem reads as follows:
If I could ask Jesus
some questions out loud,
I'd ask what it's like
to live high in a cloud.
I'd ask if His heavenly house is
like mine, or if it's surrounded
by angels divine.

I'd ask Him how angels
grow wings on their backs,
and if they have skateboards,
and scooters and snacks.
Just how do they sleep
without bending their wings?
Do they fold up like boxes
that hold special things?

I'd ask Him if angels
read books, sing and play,
And if they are taught
just the right way to pray.
Do angels get bruises and
scrape on their knees?
Do they eat broccoli
covered with cheese?

I'd ask Hif if angels
have feelings that hurt,
and if their white robes
get all covered with dirt.
Do angels have someone
to tuck them in tight?
Do they get scared when
the day turns to night?

I'd ask Him if I have an angel
down here and though
I can't see it, I'd ask if it's near
I'd thank Him for keeping me
safe every day.
Then I'd tell Him goodnight
till the next time I pray.

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"If I Could Ask Jesus" Poster $19.99
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